8 Ways To Beat A Bad Mood

1. Think Truth. People might leave us or lie to us, but God never will. Think Truth.

2. Think Noble. Stay focused on finding the answers to your tough questions in God's Word. No more advice shopping. Think Noble.

3. Think Right. As culture shifts, we begin to bend our values and twist truths. Stand for what is right and righteous, even in adversity. Think Right.

4. Think Pure. Our words spring from whatever condition our heart may be in. As our heart accepts encouragement, grace, and love from God, our words to others will be well received. Think Pure.

5. Think Lovely. Even on days we are in trial, we can recall the days that God brought answers, healing, new job, restoration. Instead of staying focused on the ugly of what is, we can know it isn't what will be. Think Lovely.

6. Think Admirable. Quite simply, walk through the life of Christ and know that His sacrifice was for you. Think Admirable.

7. Think Excellent. There is nothing more excellent than the grace and mercy of God. No matter what has been done or said, there is an opportunity to repent and be forgiven. That is excellent. Think Excellent.

8. Think Praiseworthy. Praise will overpower problems. We tell ourselves and others around us, no matter how bad the situation might be, I will praise Him in this storm. He is with me. Think Praiseworthy.

Inspired by Philippians 4:8