7 Reasons To Keep Moving Forward

Exodus 14:15 is pretty straightforward. When the people are faced with danger from all directions, God says "Get Moving!' It is ordinary for us to run away from problems, medicate the pain in our brain, or simply draw the proverbial covers over our head and hope it goes away. It is extraordinary to trust the God we cannot see to face down our pursuing armies of discouragement, cause us to throw down our addictions, or leave ourselves wide open to face giants. Moving Forward is extraordinary and so is He.

Here are 7 reasons to Keep Moving Forward, as inspired by the Word of God.

1. Fear Not. God commands this about 365 times in The Bible. One writer penned, "When I fear, I cease to be." God designed us for bravery and courage. Fear Not.

2. Keep Moving Forward. There is a reason the windshield is large and the rear view mirror is small.

3. Lift Empty Hands. When our hands are full of trash from the past, God is unable to hand us the treasures of today. 

4. We Have Blessed Hands. When we ask God to move obstacles, we should expect to get our hands dirty to help move them. 

5. We Are Loved. If there is a swollen river in our path today, we can be sure that God is going to see us across it. He hasn't brought us this far to drop us.

6. Don't Sweat The Enemy. Sure, it looks like unbeatable odds, but when has God lost? His greatest victories rise from the graves of apparent defeat.

7. Don't Hesitate. Today is the day to take action. That is what today is for. It paves a better path into tomorrow.