God Wants Your Mess



David- A man after God's own heart, yet guilty of some of the most serious crimes in the Bible. (The mess) David was an amazing conquerer militarily, but not a conquerer of himself. David was an absentee father, and was trapped in sin so deep that he needed a prophet to tell him a story to awaken him to any understanding of it. (The message) Hebrews 11:32 


Rahab- (The mess) She essentially ran a brothel on the outside walls of the city of Jericho. She was resourceful in an emergency, and aided the Israelites in toppling the walls in this impossible war. She is the centerpiece of the one of the greatest victories recorded in the Bible. Because of her availability and loyalty, she and her family found favor with God. (The message) Hebrews 11:31


Ruth- a message of not how we start, but how we finish. She ends up being the great grandmother of David, though the beginning of her life suggested that she is born out of incest; (the mess) hardly the likely scenario to be in the royal bloodlines of Jesus. She was faithful in little, picking up crumbs in the fields to eat, yet eventually becoming one of the great women of faith that we applaud today. (the message)



Paul- What can you say about the author of literally half of the New Testament? As an unsaved man, he is bent on nothing less than destroying every last Christian (the mess). Though most of us don't have the passion to destroy what Jesus is trying to achieve, there is something to be said for going the opposite direction of what God has purposed us for. Maybe that in itself is like "kicking against the goads". No matter how hard we may be fighting the right direction, God will always be in hot pursuit. (the message)


Solomon- now this is a guy we can identify with (with exception of the being the wealthiest and wisest man that ever lived.) Imagine having tried drink, food, relationships, and possessions to heal the pains of life (the mess). Little did he know that all the experiences that he lived through would draw him to two sentences that explain all the wisdom that we might ever need. "Fear God and obey his commands." (the message)


Jacob- the Father of the 12 tribes of Israel. He is a cheater from the word go and his mom is in on it, he struggles with God, he lies, he manipulates (the mess). His name having the very meaning of Israel "he struggles with God." With a noticeable limp from an all night wrestling match for control, he learns to give control to God. (the message)


What's your story? (mess or mess to message) God wants your mess.