My Best Day Judging Others

Yesterday on planet earth was quite hectic. I decided to completely understand the plight of my fellow man, carry the heavy case of stereotyping equipment, and slip into the role of judge.


Fortunately, I had enough time, space, and privacy to slip into my traditional black robe and make decisions without any evidence, cross examination, or rebuttal. The defendants remained seated in the 25 degree grass tiled courtroom, face and ears mostly covered by industrial fleece, and eyes that glared into another place; perhaps somewhere with a warm stove, a comfortable chair, and a healthy spouse.


Nevertheless, charges and sentences were rendered and the punishment swift. Quick acceleration, 45 seconds of ignoring, and over 90 seconds of lecturing delivered to a 14 year old female courtroom spectator. Much justice was delivered this day.


The judicial system of other humans stayed busy for the remainder of the day. Some were deemed unfit to be operating a motor vehicle and a lifetime driver license revocation handed down. Not to be trapped in only doing one job this day, I adorned myself in medical attire here and pronounced them brain dead.


My financial advisory suit got quite a workout in the stores, making certain I knew exactly whom should be shopping at Coach. The manager's shirt for the waitress that didn't fill the tea quickly enough, the apron for the worker that couldn't find the candle as fast as I would if I had the job, or the shoes that store employees should be wearing in the "athletic" stores if they were really concerned about the wellness of others.


With all of that, I felt a combination of disappointed, tired, and empty by the end of the day. I felt thankful that God didn't treat me so harshly and strip Himself away from me, though I had done the same to many of His children, my brothers and sisters that day. I even tried to imagine a large explosion as the beginning of time, in hopes these were random feelings. Like a box filled with watch parts blew up and accidentally came randomly together, making a perfectly functioning time piece with a conscience. Absurd to feel this way if there is no designer, engineer, or Creator.


Today is a new day and The Holy Spirit remains in the space that God paid dearly for. We both took a good look at the wardrobe closet and decided some things didn't belong in there. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. That's the uniform I'm intended to wear and share. A John 3:16 and 3:43 A.M. wake up call. My court is no longer in session.