30 Days To A Happy New You










1. I studied my book of choice today and applied what I read today.

2. I prayed out loud today for wisdom in a difficult situation and expected to hear an answer.

3. I mentored or helped someone today that I normally avoid.

4. I invited someone whom does not attend church to meet me at a specific time and place to sit with me there.




1. I read an article of something that interests me, but I never take time to learn more about.

2. I listened to music that inspired me.

3. I only watched the local news.

4. When someone gossiped or spoke of another, I did not respond and politely walked away. 




1. I shared a secret about myself today.

2. I wrote someone a note today and told them how much they mean to me.

3. I scheduled a date and time this week to have coffee, lunch, or dinner this week with someone I haven't seen in 30 days.

4. I journaled the overwhelming bad thought of the day.


Financially -


1. I gave some away today. Maybe a cup of coffee, warm coat, or an electric bill paid for someone in need.

2. I verified a budget was in place and being followed as planned. Money was not managing me.

3. I saved some today. Found money went primarily to savings or to an outstanding debt. 

4. I earned something today, even if I were out of work. I sold something instead of borrowing. 


Physically -


1. I ran or walked according to my scheduled plan.

2. I had an eating plan for the day and followed it. 

3. I drank at least 2 liters of water today.

4. I rested for 8 hours in sleep.