Red Sea Fitness Team offers classes in two locations to serve our community.  In Joplin MO, classes meet at Forest Park Church, 7th and Rangeline.  In Independence KS, classes meet at First Baptist Church, 220 S. Penn Ave. All classes meet on Monday evenings at 6 PM. The following classes are currently being offered: 



Whether you walk a mile or run a mile, you have gone a mile. The Red Sea Fitness walking courses teach proper foot strike, nutrition, stretching, and workout plan. While some will move into running classes from this course, many will remain walking and enjoying it's lower impact benefits.


$25 - 12 week course. 



A 5K race is on many bucket lists, but few have a plan or the support to carry it out without injury and discouragement. The Red Sea Fitness Beginning 5K course is a reasonable, flexible, and gradual plan to cross the finish line of your first 5K. With over 400 Red Sea Fitness Team members completing their first 5K this year, you can be sure we can help you get there. 


$25 - 12 week course. 


(Independence KS Classes Only)

This course is high intensity with 4 days per week of very specialized and individualized training. The Red Sea Fitness Advanced 5K training typically attracts an avid 5K enthusiast whom is seeking to improve each and every race. If your goal is to work hard and you have a good base of 5K races under your belt, this is right for you. 


$25 - 12 week course. 


(Independence KS Classes only)

Over 6 miles of running or walking seemed like a dream only a few months ago, yet after completing the 5K, it all seems possible. The Red Sea Fitness Beginning 10K training is a great next step for those seeking longer distances. With careful planning factored into the right buildup of miles and the proper amount of recovery days, this course is sure to have you at the 10K finish line.


$25 - 12 week course.